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The most important decision after choosing the house itself is choosing its colors. Recent studies have revealed that the colors effect your mood, life and behavior immensely, they also reflect you character, the way you think and your life for other people without you even realizing which is why you should choose colors wisely.
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Early American style in interior design

And so, the hope was high as the tide was bringing our ship ashore, the dream of a brighter better future is in the horizon as we get off board to the new world.

Here we leave the stormy ocean behind and start a new life in the early American days of colonial era.

Those are the early years of the 17th century were the first 13 colonies have been founded, and amusingly shall we enter the center of such beautiful work of art!

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Medieval Style in Interior Design by ALGEDRA

Haven’t you ever thought of a backpacking trip across the western Europe countryside filling your eyes with the color of life.

To the west of the brighten sun of newly born Arabian empire we travel to see the purity of cool water springs running down from snow-white mountain tops spreading through the green lands once was conquered by the collapsed Roman empire.

Let’s have a closer look at this era before the age of Renaissance emerged and ease our eyes on the dramatic look of an environment that held the combination of the wealth of Nature and the darkness in the European civilization.

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Japanese Style in Interior Design by ALGEDRA

Here we travel to the far east to where once a great empire had manifested on the land of the rising Sun in the late years of the 16th century, and attend the ancient dance of shadow and light that was inspired by the Zen philosophy to become their way of life.

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Arts and Crafts Style in interior Design by ALGEDRA

The Arts and Crafts movement took off around the turn of the 20th century. Like the Art Nouveau movement, it developed as a backlash against the overwrought style of the Victorian era. It rejected the factory-produced furnishings and decorative accents that prevailed at the time, embracing instead natural beauty and traditional craftsmanship.
Some defining characteristics of Arts and Craft interior design are:
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Art Nouveau Style in interior design by ALGEDRA

During the 19th century, interior design was very much about neoclassicism.
Historicism was the order of the day and art nouveau interior design arose as a reaction to this traditional style.

There are many ways to emulate art nouveau style decor in your modern home. Here are some ways to copy the look and turn your house into an art nouveau paradise.

Wall in Art Nouveau are flowing, they repeat wavy shape. There are many variants of wall finish: wallpaper with floral pattern, decorative plaster, fabric upholstery, and painting. Most often, the walls are flashy, painted in a single color, they serve only as a background for the main design and do not distract the attention.

There are many interesting techniques for ceiling finishing:
painting, use of stained glass windows, moldings, 
stretched ceiling, a simple painting or digital mural. There are many images of girls, sky and sun. But also there are more discreet options: laconic white painting and use of stained glass chandeliers allows you to create the very modern.
Solid woodart parquetlaminate flooring are often used as a floor covering. Tiles with imitation of marble or natural stone finish are very often used for kitchen and bathroom design. Beautiful carpets with floral ornaments with lots of colors and flowery is one of the floor decorative elements.

This style dictates special rules when choosing furniture: it should be functional, practical and elegant at the same time. Dressers, wardrobes and tables – all these pieces of furniture must be decorated with fine swirls, wrought-iron metal. Cupboards are decorated with stained glass paintings. The same applies to upholstered furniture: soft armrests, ornate wood legged chairs repeat plexus of plants. On the fabric, there are many images of flowers and leaves, they are often woven with gold or silver threads.

Art nouveau has left us with iconic imprints that can still be seen in interior decorating to this day. In its time, it was revolutionary and therefore its popularity was boosted among those who wanted to appear to be following the latest trends. Unfortunately, that popularity was short lived as it developed a worldwide reputation for being too over-blown, exaggerated, lavish and above all, expensive.

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Great Steps to Achieve Royal Style in Your Bedroom Design

The bedroom is one of the most important areas in the house thus the design must help the person relax and feel comfortable, you can design the bedroom according to the occupant’s taste, for those with upscale taste they usually prefer a luxurious upscale bedroom design, the following are some ideas to help you achieve a luxurious royal bedroom style.

Royal design bedrooms are characterized with light bright colors, gold dominates the royal designs, you can combine between the gold and light colors that suits it such as Beige and white, you can use a cloth wallpaper as alternative to wall paint.

Royal Style Bedroom Design

A royal bedroom’s floor is mostly made of brown hardwood as it provides a feeling of luxury and sophistication and provides the room with tranquility and comfort.

Royal furniture is fairly huge, thus there must be a sufficient space to place the furniture in a comfortable and well-arranged manner, the bed has to be large to give the royal appearance, the bed headboard can be made of velvet that suits the room color, the color of the mattress must suit the room colors as well and you should fill it with feather pillows in a velvet pillow case, and for a better royal bedroom appearance add some light curtains to the bed.

As for the cabinets wood remains the favorite choice for a royal style, as it provides the feeling of luxury and sophistication, so you can choose brown wood that has engraves that suits the room design, or you can use white wood, which provides comfort and tranquility.

Preferably use dark color curtains that fit with the room colors to break the intensity of the light colors used to decorate the room, for carpets the Tabriz carpet remains first in terms of luxury and sophistication, so use a large Tabriz carpet of large patterns and suitable colors for a royal luxury.

To give the room a pure royal character there must be a space suitable to serve as a salon that has a sofa and two seats and a table of beech wood, and can be decorated with some accessories like some artifacts, and the royal appearance of the room to be completed without putting some paintings of the heritage and historic value with suitable frames and colors.

royal heritage bedroom design